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AriStone Cleaning and Restoration is Arizona's best Tile and Grout Cleaning company, our tile and grout cleaning services are above the rest, the quality and experience you will get through us will show you why we are the best at what we do. Call today or fill our form out for your FREE no obligation Tile and Grout Cleaning quote.

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50% OFF 

What is ceramic and porcelain

Ceramic and porcelain are similar in make up however porcelain is harder than ceramic due to their different kiln processes. They are both made of clay and are treated with high tempuratures and pressures. Ceramic is moisture prone and very durable. Porcelain is treated at higher temps and pressure resulting in an extremely dense hard material.

services provided 

We offer a wide variety of services for your Tile and Grout flooring, depending on how dirty it is and type we will have a game plan to restoring the beauty back to you floors.

reg. $0.50 a sq. foot
50% off now only $0.25 a sq foot
Our cleaning process is above and beyond the rest. We will start by addressing problem areas and understanding your overall goals with the cleaning. Once we figure out our game plan we will start the cleaning, we first spray the tile and grout with either our alkaline or acid based cleaner. After letting is sit and dwell for 5-10 minutes we scrub both the tile and grout to make sure we break up all dirt and debris. We then will power wash your tile and grout with our SX-15 which cleans at 1500 PSI and 220 Degrees, this is the absolute best way to get any tile and grout surface the cleanest it will ever get.

 square tile $0.50 a sq. foot
50% off now only $0.25 a sq foot
wood plank tile - $0.80 a sq foot
50% off now only $0.40 a sq foot
We only use high quality solvent based sealers with low VOC, the Hybrid Solvent is formulated for Grout and provides the best protection on the market from staining and discoloration of your grout joints. We offer a 2 year warranty on our grout sealing and it protects against staining and discoloration. Its simple, if for any reason you acquire any grout staining during the 2 years we will come out and fix it for FREE.
color sealing  
square tile $0.75 a sq. foot
Wood Plank Tile - $1.25 a sq foot

Our Color Sealing process is the BEST on the market, we use a water based sealer with a color pigmitaion color seal which means, our color seal actually absorbs into the grout and will not just sit on the surface like others. When we color seal we will do a acid wash cleaning first to make sure the grout joints are etched and ready to receive the color seal properly, after that we apply the color seal with a brush to the grout, wipe the excess and then buff the whole floor to remove any haze.

grout repair
call for details
Grout repair is done 2 different ways and depending on your needs will depend on the way we repair the grout joints.

tile replacment  
$25.00 per tile - special cut $40.00 per tile
We offer either a no cut replacement for cracked tiles or a specialty cut replacement