AriStone Cleaning and Restoration offers many different services for pavers and for all kinds of pavers. We offer cleaning, sealing, enhancing sealers and restorations. We service travertine pavers, brick paves and many more.

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Travertine Paver Services

Deep Outdoor Travertine Cleaning
50% Off now only
$0.25 a sq. foot

(regulaR price $0.50 a sq. foot)
50% Off Now only $0.25 a sq. foot (regulaR price $.50 a sq. foot)

Our cleaning process for Outdoor differs depending on the surface we are cleaning. If we are cleaning a Natural Stone based surface we use and alkaline cleaner to break up dirt and debris and then we use our SX-15 to power wash the surface with 1500 PSI and 200 degrees. If it is a concrete based paver we clean it with our pressure washer that cleans at 4500 PSI and 250 degrees.

Outdoor Natural Look Sealing
$0.75 a sq. foot
$0.75 a sq. foot

We only use high quality solvent based sealers with low VOC, the Hybrid Solvent is formulated for outdoor pavers and is designed to protect against the elements, it is also designed to minimize organic growth within the pavers.

Outdoor Wet Look Sealing
$1.25 a sq. foot
$1.25 a sq. foot per Step

Our Travertine enhanced look sealer is designed to darken and bring out the colors in your travertine pavers, providing a similar look to when you wash it off with a hoes. Our sealer is UV stable penetrating sealer that protects against the outdoor elements and minimizes organic growth inside the pavers.

Travertine Paver Honing
$1.00 a sq. foot
$1.00 a sq. foot

We have two finishes we provide for outdoor travertine pavers, matte and satin. Both are designed to help remove wear and damage created by the elements, leaving your travertine pavers looking smooth and complete.

Polymeric Sand
$0.50 a sq. foot
$0.50 a sq. foot

Over time polymeric sand washes out, each time you spray your pavers down some sand is removed, every time you have it professionally cleaned some sand is removed. Every 2 years or so you want to replace that polymeric sand. We can provide that service as an add on to any outdoor travertine paver service.

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