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We are the best in Concrete Cleaning, Sealing, Polishing and Pressure Washing in the Phoenix Metro area

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We offer a verity of services for Concrete, from residential inside Cleaning, Sealing and Polishing to outside pressure washing at 4000 PSI with heat at 250 degrees.

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In Home services
deep cleaning  –  $0.50 a sq. foot 
Our deep cleaning process for interior concrete is the absolute best, we start with spraying a alkaline cleaner down break up and loosen dirt, we follow that with a rotary scrubber do deep clean the whole surface. last we we power wash the concrete with our self contained SX-15 which cleans at 1500 PSI and 220 degrees.

sealing  –  $0.50 a sq. foot ( 2 year WARRANTY included )
Our concrete sealers are formulated for concrete and we flood the area, allow to dwell and buff off excess

Exterior Services
Driveway Pressure Washing
We have state of the art pressure washing equipment capable of cleaning your driveway at 4000 PSI, 8 GPM and the water is at 250 Degrees. This power enables us to blast dirt, oil and grease out of your concrete driveways and garage. These prices are for standard driveways, longer driveways are an additional charge.
2 Car Driveway = $150.00 (ADD GARAGE $99.00)
3 Car Driveway = $200.00 (ADD GARAGE $129.00)
4 Car Driveway = $250.00 (ADD GARAGE $149.00)

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