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Concrete paver pressure washing and sealing

We offer a variety of concrete paver cleaning and sealing services. We have the best, state of the art pressure washers and reclaiming equipment, our power washing setups are capable of power washing your pavers with 4000 PSI at 6 GPM. This will ensure your concrete pavers to look their very best.

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concrete paver cleaning - $0.25-$0.50 a sq foot

We offer the deepest cleaning possible on concrete pavers, we start off by applying a biodegradable degreaser to break down and loosen up dirt and debris. After the concrete paver solution has dwelled we pressure wash the pavers at 4000 PSI and extract everything into our truck leaving your concrete pavers looking their best.

concrete paver penetrating sealer - $0.50 a sq foot

Our penetrating sealer is applied after our deep cleaning and we spray the sealer to fully saturate the concrete pavers. This sealer will dry leaving your concrete pavers looking the same and wont change the color.

concrete paver wet look sealer- $1.00 a sq foot

Our high solids concrete paver sealer is the best on the market and will create deep wet look. We apply our high solid by rolling it on and it absorbs in creating a beautiful look.

polymeric sand - $0.35 a sq foot

Polymeric sand needs to be re applied on a regular basis as it it washes out over time, your polymeric sand helps make all your single paver pieces one large piece, creating structure and durability. We supply the sand and labor to get the job done right.

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