granite cleaning and sealing

Granite is a igneous rock, its formed when molten material crystalizes under extreme heat and pressure. It is a very dense stone making it very durable

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Granite Tile Services

We offer a wide variety of services for your Granite surfaces, depending on how dirty it is and type we will have a game plan to restoring the beauty back to you floors, countertops or showers.

Granite Cleaning
$0.50 a sq. foot
$0.50 Per Sq. Foot

Our cleaning process for granite differs depending on the surface we are cleaning. If we are cleaning Granite Countertops we use a citrus paste that is designed to bring out all the junk from the water that has been imbedded in the material. If we are cleaning Showers or Floors we use a stone safe cleaner, spray it on and use our truck mounted unit to power wash the surface and remove all dirt and debris.

Granite Tile Sealing
$0.50 a sq. foot
$0.50 Per Sq. Foot

We only use high quality solvent based sealers with low VOC, the Hybrid Solvent is formulated for Dense stones like Granite tile and provides the best protection on the market. We do have a 2 year warranty on our sealing and it protects against staining and etching, its simple if for any reason you acquire a stain or etch mark during the 2 years we will come out and fix it for FREE.

Granite Tile Polishing
$1.00 a sq. foot
$1.00 Per Sq. Foot

Our Polishing process is done using a mildly acidic Polishing cream, the cream is applied with water to the Granite then is scrubbed with a weighted rotary scrubber. The powder reacts with the stone which creates a beautiful deep shine.

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