marble cleaning, sealing and polishing

Limestone and Marble fall into the same family, Marble is actually a form of Limestone. Limestone is a sedimentary rock mostly made up of calcium carbonate and Marble is created when Limestone is exposed to pressure and high heat forming a denser stone called Marble

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Types Of Limestone and Marble


Honed Limestone and Marble is not a very common type found in homes, mainly because it requires extra care and maintenance. It is honed down to a nice smooth finish at the factory. Both  need to be sealed on a regular basis with a proper sealer to prevent damage occurring to the stone 


Polished Limestone and Marble is polished at the factory, both Limestone and Marble need to be maintained on a reg basis but is more durable to staining and scratches as the polish hardens the surface creating a protective barrier 

Marble Services Provided

Marble Tile Cleaning
50% Off Now only $0.25 a sq. foot (regulaR price $0.50 a sq. foot)

Our cleaning process is above the rest we guarantee it. We start with a full inspection of the flooring, the technician will walk through with the homeowner and identify problem areas and explain the solution we can provide. Second if everything looks good we shall proceed to apply our Stone safe Alkaline cleaner on both the Marble Tile and Grout. After allowing it to sit for 5-10 minutes, we proceed to scrub the grout lines using a grout brush. This is then followed by a thorough floor scrubbing with a rotary scrubber, which guarantees that both the Marble tile and grout receive a proper cleaning. Third we utilize our cutting-edge truck mounted system in conjunction with the SX-15 tool for optimal cleaning results. After the floors are completely cleaned we finish it up with a final inspection and walk through

Marble Impregnating Sealer
$0.70 a sq. foot

We only use high quality solvent based sealers with low VOC, the Hybrid Solvent is formulated for both Limestone and Marble tile and provides the best protection on the market. We do have a 2 year warranty on our sealing and it protects against staining and etching, its simple if for any reason you acquire a stain or etch mark during the 2 years we will come out and fix it for FREE.

Marble Honing
$0.50 a sq. foot per Step

Our Honing process is a 4 step process that involves 4, 17 inch diamond resin pads, each has a different grit. The initial step involves using a 250 grit pad which is specifically designed to swiftly eliminate deep etching and scratches. Following this, a 800 grit pad is utilized to refine the surface and achieve a smooth, soft Honed finish. The third step involves using the 3000 grit pad, which is designed to produce a Satin finish and impart a smooth appearance to the stone. The final stage entails using the 8000 grit pad, which will bring the stone to a semi-gloss finish and provide an excellent foundation for the application of the final Polishing powder.

Marble polishing
$1.00 a sq. foot

Our Polishing process is done using a mildly acidic Polishing powder, the powder is applied with water to the Limestone or Marble then is scrubbed with a weighted rotary scrubber. The powder reacts with the calcium in the stone which creates a beautiful deep shine.

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