Travertine cleaning, sealing, honing & polishing

AriStone Cleaning and Restoration is a travertine cleaning company in Arizona that is highly experienced in all avenues of travertine tile, We have over 27 years experience in travertine cleaning, travertine sealing, travertine honing and travertine polishing. We are a 5 star travertine floor cleaning company and we offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We take great pride in our work and always provide the best customer service and quality to all Arizona residents. Check out all our services below and let us know how we can help with you next cleaning, sealing, honing or polishing needs.

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50% OFF 

What is travertine and types

Travertine is a type of limestone formed inside hot mineral springs. During this formation process, gasses escaping mud and calcite leave behind holes in the limestone. These holes can range in size from invisible to the naked eye up to holes large enough to put a fist through. The holes in travertine are in no way a defect in the stone, and in fact give it some of its beauty. To help the stone hold its integrity, these holes should be filled either at the factory or during installation.

honed and filled
Travertine Honing Scottsdale

Honed and Filled Travertine is a very common type found in homes, it is filled at the factory and honed down to a nice smooth finish. The type of travertine need to be sealed on a regular basis with a proper sealer to prevent damage occurring to the stone 

Travertine Polishing Scottsdale

Polished Travertine is polished at the factory and usually has very little fill, this type of travertine needs to be maintained on a reg basis but is more durable to staining and scratches as the polish hardens the surface creating a protective barrier 

Travertine Cleaning Scottsdale

Honed and Filled Travertine is a very common type found in homes, it is filled at the factory and honed down to a nice smooth finish. The type of travertine need to be sealed on a regular basis with a proper sealer to prevent damage occurring to the stone 

services provided 

We offer a wide variety of services for your Travertine flooring, depending on how dirty it is and type we will have a game plan to restoring the beauty back to you floors.

Combo Services
Cleaning and Sealing
Reg. $1.00 a sq foot - 50% off now only $0.50 a sq foot
Our Travertine Cleaning and Sealing combo is one of our most popular combo, its recommended to clean and seal travertine tile every 12-24 months

Cleaning, Sealing and Honing - semi gloss package
combo special only $1.25 a sq foot
Our Honing combo is great for jobs that is looking for a nice finish but doesn't want a high gloss shine, we can clean, seal and hone your travertine tile to you specific look (matte, satin, semi gloss)

cleaning, sealing and polishing - high shine package
combo special only $1.50 a sq foot
Our Polishing combo is our second most popular service, this service will clean, seal and polish your travertine tile to a high gloss look. Giving it a really nice
high end look.

Full Restoration
Combo Special only $2.00 a sq foot
The Full Restoration combo is designed to give the absolute best look to you travertine flooring, we combine cleaning, sealing, honing and polishing to create a very deep gloss.

Single Services

reg. $0.50 a sq. foot - 50% off now only $0.25 a sq foot
Our cleaning process is above the rest we guarantee it. We start with a full inspection of the flooring, the technician will walk through with the homeowner and identify problem areas and explain the solution we can provide. Second if everything looks good with the gameplan we will spray our Stone safe Alkaline cleaner on both Tile and Grout. After it has dwelled for 5- 10 min we scrub the grout lines with a grout brush after that we follow it with a good floor scrubbing with a rotary scrubber, this ensures both Travertine tile and grout are properly scrubbed. Third we use our SX-15which is attached to our state of the art truck mounted system, the SX-15 will spray out at 800-1200 PSI with 220 degree water this tool offers the best possible cleaning. After the floors are completely cleaned we finish it up with a final inspection and walk through.

$0.50 a sq. foot - 50% off now only $0.25 a sq foot
We only use high quality solvent based sealers with low VOC, the Hybrid Solvent is formulated for Travertine tile and provides the best protection on the market. We do have a 2 year warranty on our sealing and it protects against staining and etching, its simple if for any reason you acquire a stain or etch mark during the 2 years we will come out and fix it for FREE.
$0.75 a sq. foot
Our Honing process is a 4 step process that involves 4, 17 inch diamond resin pads, each has a different grit. First is the 250 grit pad, it is designed to cut quick and remove heavy etching and scratches. Second is the 800 grit, it will smooth out the 250 grit and bring the stone to soft Honed finish. Third is the 3000 grit, it will create a Satin finish and give the stone a smooth overall look. Final pad is the 8000 grit, this will bring the stone to a semi- gloss and give it a great base for the final Polishing powder.

$0.75 a sq. foot
Our Polishing process is done using a mildly acidic Polishing powder, the powder is applied with water to the travertine then is scrubbed with a weighted rotary scrubber. The powder reacts with the calcium in the stone which creates a beautiful deep shine. 

lippage removal
$25.00 per tile 
We use a veritable speed grinder with diamond resin bonded disc to grind down the edges. this service is only available when we are doing a full restore.

hole repairs
$75.00 ADD on with any service
Over time you will start to see some holes appearing in your travertine flooring, this is usually the result of the factor fill breaking apart and coming out. We can fill those holes with our Travertine fill. We also offer a DYI Hole Fill kit for $25.00