AriStone Cleaning and Restoration is Mesa, AZ top tile and grout cleaning company, we have been providing tile cleaning and grout cleaning in the Mesa area for 23 years and have cleaned more than a million sq. feet.

mesa az top Tile Cleaning and Grout Cleaning Company

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AriStone Cleaning and Restoration is Mesa, AZ's BEST tile and grout cleaning company. We specialize in Tile Cleaning, Grout Cleaning, Grout Sealing, and Grout Color Sealing. With over a million sq feet of tile and grout cleaned under our belt and 23 years experience in cleaning and restoring we can assure you that you will not be disappointed in your grout cleaning results. We also offer the most thorough tile and grout cleaning or it is FREE, so call you local professional tile and grout cleaning service

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Services in Mesa

Mesa Tile Cleaning Service Near Me

Tile and Grout Cleaning services

We offer a wide variety of Tile and Grout cleaning services in Mesa, AZ. Our tile cleaning process is the best in Mesa, we use state of the art truckmounted units, a rotary scrubber to break up dirt and grease and an SX-15 to power wash the tile and grout leaving it look brand new. So if you are looking fo professional tile and grout cleaning in Mesa AZ look no further, we are your pro's.

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Grout Sealing in Mesa AZ

Grout Sealing in gilbert, AZ

Grout sealing is our specialty and we provide a 2 year warranty on all grout sealing jobs that prevents staining and discoloration. Our grout sealer is the best on the market, it is a hybrid solvent that absorbs into the grout protecting for years to come.

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Color Sealing Grout in Mesa

Grout Color Sealing

Our Grout Sealing process has been formed over the 15 years of providing excellent grout cleaning and color sealing. We start with an safe and affective acid wash followed up with our color sealer that absorbs into the grout staining to a solid color and protecting it for 10- 15 years.

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Cracked Grout Repair

Grout and Tile Repairs

Tile and Grout unfortunately real and crack, we can help repair those damaged areas at a low cost.

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Other Professional Floor Cleaning Services in Gilbert, AZ

Grout and Tile Cleaning

Travertine Cleaning services

Travertine tile cleaning and sealing takes a true professional to properly do. There are alot of different ways to clean travertine and apply a travertine sealer. Trust that your travertine cleaning service is in good hands when you hire us.

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Countertop Cleaning in Mesa

Countertop Cleaning

We offer granite countertop cleaning, granite countertop sealing and honing and polishing to all of Mesa, AZ. Our countertop cleaning system is safe and affective, leaving your countertops completely refreshed.

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Saltillo Cleaning in Mesa AZ

Saltillo Tile Cleaning in Mesa AZ

Saltillo tile can be extremely nice but does require a lot of maintenance, but we are highly trained in Saltillo cleaning and sealing, we have cleaned been cleaning Saltillo tile for 23 years here in the Masa area, Call your local pros today.

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Marble Cleaning in Mesa

Mesa AZ Marble Cleaning

Marble tile flooring is a very nice and delicate flooring, with proper marble cleaning and sealing your stone flooring can stay looking nice for years to come. Trust your local marble cleaning professionals with the task of cleaning and restoring your marble tiles.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing before & after in mesa

Grout and Tile Cleaning Near Me
The Best Tile Cleaning in Mesa AZ

Mesa Tile and Grout Cleaning  

Awesome tile and grout cleaning, sealing and polishing here, the stone tile was broken down and in desperate need of tile restoration. We came in, professionally cleaned the tile, then hones and polished it and followed by a stone sealer.

Tile and Grout color sealing in Mesa AZ
grout cleaning and color sealing in Mesa AZ

Professional grout cleaning and sealing service in Mesa

Grout color sealing can produce some really great results when done right and here we had a very old tile and grout that didn't clean up very well, so we acid washed the floor and then color sealed the grout joints to a lighter color transforming the tile flooring and making it look new again.

tile and grout cleaning in 85204
85201 tile cleaning

Professional Tile Cleaning Service

When looking for a professional tile and grout cleaning service you really want to look for a specialist that only handles tile and grout like we do. That s because not all tile flooring is the same and take the same process or cleaning chemical, on this job we had to do a strong acid wash to produce fresh grout and get the white grout color back, after the cleaning we sealed the grout joints to prevent staining and discoloration.

countertop cleaning and sealing
tile countertop cleaning Mesa AZ

Tile Countertop Cleaning Company in Mesa, AZ

This Marble countertop was very beaten up and completely lost its luster, we came in cleaned the marble, then honed the stone to remove the damage from years of use, after the honing we polishing the stone with a powered to bring the luster back, last we sealed it with our marble sealer to prevent future staining and etching.

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