countertop cleaning and sealing

Granite, Marble and Travertine countertop cleaning, sealing and polishing

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Countertop Services

We offer a wide variety of services for your Countertops from just cleaning, cleaning and sealing and cleaning, sealing and polishing

Countertop Cleaning
$10.00 per linier foot
$10.00 per Linear Foot

Our Countertop cleaning is the best in the valley, We use a micro scrub to break up all dirt, hard water and other deposits from the surface. We then use our countertop tool and thoroughly clean and rinse the surface leaving it clean

Countertop Impregnating Sealer
$10.00 per linier foot
$10.00 Per Linear Foot

We only use high quality solvent based sealers with low VOC, the Hybrid Solvent is formulated for Dense stones like Granite tile and provides the best protection on the market. We do have a 2 year warranty on our sealing and it protects against staining and etching, its simple if for any reason you acquire a stain or etch mark during the 2 years we will come out and fix it for FREE.

Granite Polishing
$15.00 per linier foot
$15.00 Per Linear Foot

Our granite countertop polishing is done in home with specialized paste with color additives. First we mask off all cabinets and flooring, second we apply a small amount of our paste and color powder and polish the area with a hand held variable speed grinder, leaving your granite polished back to a high shine.

Travertine and Marble polishing
$15.00 per linier foot
$15.00 Per Linear Foot

Our Polishing process is done using a specially designed system, it is a low moisture process using 4 different grits to remove damage and restore the shine back to its original look.

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